Bashar Hamman’s involvement in activisim dates back to school days in leadership roles, Headboy Primary school,Health Prefect at the secondary level, Students union Government official in the higher institution. Member National Assembly legislative aides forum, Member NIMIPAF 2009 (Nigerian Minister’s Personal Assistants Forum) Graduate of Marketing/Purchasing/Supply kaduna polytechnic,Worked at the then intercontinental Bank, now access,Later became Personal Assistant to Senator Mohammad Adamu Aliero in the 6th Senate,Served in same but more sensitive capacity in FCDA while (Principal) was FCT minister. I’m Currently P. A to Former Governor of Abia State & Chairman slok Holdings,Dr.Orji Uzor Kalu. Born into a kaduna based Top brass police chief Family, I’m from kaduna north local Govt of Kaduna state,Married with two kids. Having had the opportunity of working at the corridor of power for over a decade till date, i have the Privilege of coming face to face with the helpless & needy who strongly believe its only possible to survive through lobbying/begging especially from wealthy people in power, a view I never shared & vehemently disagree. As an aide,I get increasingly worried over this disturbing trend,
Because I believe in human dignity therefore I began to think of the strategy/approach to adopt in solving this problems because Nigeria is the only country we can call ours ¬†Luckily Billion Doors offered me a reliable oppourtunity, Regardless of the advantages some have over others,Life is meaningless without impacting positively in the lives of others, True happiness comes from adding smiles to the faces of others to the glory of God & ¬†in the services of humanity. As an Ambassador of a Billion Doors, it’s just like a dream come true for me in actualising my burning desire to better the lives of Nigerians. This is a duty born out of genuine conviction,believe,Love for the less privilege & desire for a better Nigeria by giving the needy a life & Hope in terms of Education,Enlightenment,& an enabling environment,to stand among equals.
just like the “Ease” Accompanied with the Billion Doors initiative,Education in different aspects also open Doors for a successful life, we must condem in strongest terms any call or attempt by any individual or quota for division,Nigeria will remain one, we’ll eradicate poverty by empowering the Less privilege of the society. With the support of you all, we’ll collectively build a Nigeria of our dream.