Abdulrahman Ladan was born in Kano State of Nigeria. He comes from a famous islamic scholar family.  A graduate of Accounting and Finance from the prestigious University of Hertfordshire, England. He is married and blessed with two children. He is  the chief procurement officer at Bua rice mill, a top producer of rice and infrastructure in Nigeria.
I am a keen supporter of humanitarian activities. We live in extraordinary times with huge numbers of people affected by conflicts and poverty. People with disabilities, the elderly, children, and other groups have been made vulnerable by their position in the society and are disproportionately  affected. I am here to hold the hands of the excluded and take them through a billion doors of opportunities, because i believe every Nigerian deserves to be free from poverty and exclusion. This generation will be the last of its kind to be threatened by lack of education and starvation. Together with my brothers and sisters from different parts of Nigeria, we will do the same thing in our communities, we will help humanity and put a smile on every face we come across.